A personal trainer and owner of 1 Fitness. Brandon has been working in the South Florida area for the past 5 years. Through the use of constantly varied workouts, diverse training methods, dietary advice and inspirational motivation; Brandon keeps his clients focused, excited, and determined to reach their health and fitness goals. Brandon has held certifications with NSCA, ACE, AFSA and various other national organizations as well as a bachelors degree in Kinesiology. Brandon has the knowledge, drive, and passion to help you make the necessary changes to achieve success on your fitness journey. Brandon enjoys spending his free time at the beach, developing creative projects, and being surrounded by his loving family. 


Natalie Addison lives a life of pursuing what she loves. Dancing since the age of four, Natalie professionally performed for over twelve years traveling the world.  Movement has been the root of Natalie’s passions and she loves sharing her vigor for it. While performing dance, she also pursued a career in fitness to help people hone in on their health. After being in the fitness field for eight years, Natalie retired from dancing and rooted deeper in the fitness & yoga world. She desires to motivate people in living a more mindful life filled with health, wellness, fitness, yoga, connection, community and art. She is versatile in teaching all styles of fitness classes, works with one-on-one clients and loves bringing people together for workouts. She holds a NASM trainer certification, 200HR Yoga Teacher certification, TRX certification, and a New York board of educators license certificate in Personal training & Nutrition. Natalie believes that movement and mobility is key to having a healthy life of longevity. She hopes to continue expanding her offerings through programs to people in need, in schools, with athletes, and by creating more pop-up events within the community.



James Knox is a trainer/bodyworker and the founder of The Knox Rx, an exercise prescription based method with osteopathic roots. He uses his osteopathic education to find the root cause of pains and establishes his PROgram to prevent, restore or optimize the body systems. There are 5 pillars to the method: Strength, Therapy, Exercise, Proprioception and Stretch (STEPS).  Whether you have shoulder impingement, need for increased lung capacity, joint pains or pelvis/spine related issues, James has techniques and knowledge to develop a functional health and wellness track.

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Chelsea Gruber graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando with a Bachelor's in Sports and Exercise Science and minor in Psychology. The Jupiter, Fla. native not only earned her degree at UCF, but it's also where she gained first-hand fitness instruction, management, and personal training experience as a five-year employee of the Recreation and Wellness Center on campus. Under UCF's Rec and Wellness umbrella, Chelsea attended conferences throughout the country, leadership development programs, and fitness workshops, as well as led a variety of workshops when she obtained a lead position in UCFs fitness department. Upon graduating, Chelsea returned to South Florida where enjoying an active lifestyle along the water has always been one of her greatest pleasures. Chelsea's love of movement goes back to her adolescence and her feeling from a young age that exercise and wellness is a controllable element in an unpredictable world. Chelsea utilizes functional training and leads her clients through specialized training programs designed for results. She is keen on form and coaching how to engage your body properly for a safe and effective training session. Chelsea believes that a strong body starts with a positive mindset.


Combined with more than 20 years of experience, Amy calls upon her vast amount of experience and education in order to execute what she does best: scientifically and artfully teach her clients in a way which best achieves their personal fitness goals. Amy firmly believes it’s imperative that her clients are not only highly motivated, but also encouraged to laugh while being closely instructed, directed and taught! Amy specializes in Functional, Cardiorespiratory, Strength, Indoor Cycling and STEP aerobics training. Amy’s favorite method of training, however, uses a variety of small equipment such as bikes, Steps, medicine balls, kettlebells, TRX, bands and free weights. Currently, Amy maintains national certifications in both Group Fitness and Personal Training through ACE, and is an indoor cycling instructor at CycleBar. Some of the areas that Amy consistently reeducates herself with include, Indoor cycling, Strength, Functional, Core and Cardiorespiratory Training.


Andrew has been in the industry for 6 years and counting. Andrew is very passionate about helping clients to live healthier more fulfilling lives. Fitness has always been an important part of Andrews life. His passion is in gymnastics and partners acrobatics. He transitioned to the fitness industry after a severe spinal injury. His recovery process has allowed him to work with many people who have a wide range of health issues, disabilities and injuries. Andrew holds certifications with AAAI/ISMA as a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist, and a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification from Kula Yoga Shala. Andrew enjoys spending time traveling, cooking, socializing, acro yoga, gymnastics, body building.